Every family has arguments at some time. Usually they are easily resolved but sometimes the problems just get worse and the longer they are left, the more difficult it is to make up, creating tension and stress for everyone.


You can see a Relate Family Counsellor individually, as a small group or the whole family together. We won’t take sides or tell you what to do, we will encourage each family member to have a voice and help you to resolve your differences together. For the initial consultation, we can see the family together or certain members who can explain the difficulties they are having and how they want to move forward from this. The first initial session is £65, then it is £65 for any sessions you have after the consultation. We do have specific funding available so please call us for eligibility.

Our family counsellors can work with:

  • Families
  • Parents and children
  • Siblings
  • Blended and extended families.

To find out where we offer Family Counselling in Lancashire, please visit   why not try this out Relate in Lancashire