Young People’s Service

We provide a Young People’s counselling service for those aged 10-18 years who are experiencing problems due to the breakdown of their parents’ relationships. When your parents have troubles of their own, it’s sometimes hard to talk about your own feelings about the situation. Relate counsellors are specially trained to help and support you during this difficult time. You have the opportunity to talk with someone about your feelings and concerns and how to best cope with them. We being by scheduling an appointment with a young person’s trained counsellor for an initial consultation and this provides you with the space and opportunity to discuss some of the problems you’re currently having. After this consultation, you can decide to attend weekly ongoing sessions which will also be with a young person’s trained counsellor.

This service is confidential, and you can come on your own.  The only time we would have to break confidentiality is if you told us that you or someone else were at risk of harm.

The counselling service lasts an hour. You may meet with your counsellor several times. The service is £65 per hour, and we will ask your parents or guardians to contribute something towards the cost if they’re able and they know you’re coming for counselling.

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