How long will I have to wait to see a counsellor?
We aim to offer a first appointment within two weeks of your initial enquiry.

How much does counselling cost?
It costs up to £65 to provide an hour of counselling. Whilst we rely heavily on client contributions to meet these costs, we realise it is not possible for all to do so. If you are unable to make this level of contribution, please ensure you mention this upon your initial enquiry.

Is counselling confidential?
Counselling is a private and confidential form of help. Relate holds information about its clients and their counselling in confidence. We will not pass any information about you to an outside organisation unless there is an exceptional circumstance, for example if someone, especially a child, is at risk of serious harm. In such a circumstance, Relate would try to involve you in making a decision about any action that needed to be taken.

How long does counselling last?
A counselling session usually lasts one hour and ongoing appointments are arranged on a weekly basis. Counselling continues for as long as is needed but most clients find that six to eight session are enough. Clients attending sex therapy often attend for longer and will have one history taking session per person, which can be up to two hours.

Can I come to Relate on my own?
Yes. Counsellors are always willing to work with individuals and in some cases will invite couples to attend for separate sessions. We see individuals if their partner is unwilling to attend and often see individuals who are coming to terms with the break-up of a relationship.

Do I have to be married?
No. Relate will see people who are living separately, co-habiting, separated, divorced or married. We see both heterosexual and same-sex partners.

Can I bring my children?
Relate does not have the facilities to provide childcare. It is not appropriate to allow the child into the room when counselling is in progress if they are not part of the process. However, we do provide family counselling and a service for young people.