Equal Partners Programme

Who can attend?

The Equal Partners Programme has been designed to offer one-to-one support to men who have concerns about their abusive behaviour towards their female partners. It forms part of a range of services offered to couples at Relate and is delivered to individuals who have engaged in acts of aggression or violence within the context of their intimate relationships.

Clients can be self-referred, or can be referred from a Relate counsellor or other professional. An assessment meeting is arranged in the first instance to determine suitability for the programme. During this meeting, the purpose of the programme is explained and the client is asked to sign a participation agreement to confirm that they understand and accept the aims of the programme.

Your Questions Answered

How long does the programme last?

The programme consists of a minimum of eighteen one-hour sessions with an experienced Relate worker. Alongside this work, the man’s female partner is offered support work with a Relate counsellor for the duration of the programme and for some time afterwards if required.

What will be expected of participants?

Participants will be expected to attend regularly and punctually and to be actively involved in the sessions. There is an expectation that any ‘homework’ suggested by the worker will be completed on time.

What can clients expect to gain from the programme?

The programme helps men to develop empathy and respectful relationships. There are session to help with greater self knowledge and learning how to manage change. Help is offered in the recognition of a range of controlling and abusive behaviours which undermine the quality of intimate partnerships. Unhelpful attitudes and beliefs can be challenged and changed for the better and new goals for the future of the relationship can be set.

The programme is designed to help clients to implement these goals and to gain strength to sustain new coping skills.

What is the cost of the sessions?

Relate is a not-for-profit organisation whose main source of income is client contributions. A financial contribution to the sessions is expected and this will be discussed fully at the intake meeting.

What couples have said about the programme

“I can now see that when my partner says certain things she is not trying to wind my up; she’s just trying to get her needs met. I understand that she has needs too and so do the children.”

“I can talk openly to him now without any fear that he will get into a rage. He seems to understand me better.”

“I realise how close I was to losing the woman I love. I’m not surprised she didn’t want to be with me. The programme helped me to see that my behaviour was unacceptable and I learned to take responsibility.”

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